Philip Hunter - Web Site Writing

Writing Consultancy

I provide writing consultancy services to help companies, agencies, or individuals convey their strategy and technology clearly, whether on web sites or printed documents. I also help scientists write grant applications or review papers, especially when English is not their first language. In these cases I work with the scientists concerned to produce a text that is accurate, while communicating as clearly and concisely as possible with the target audience, whether this be reviewers, policy makers, peers, or other interested readers.

In all these cases my aim is to help the individuals or companies concerned produce a text that communicates clearly as painlessly as possible. For relatively little outlay, companies or individuals can enrich the content of their web sites and do full justice to their research, technology, products or strategy.

For example I help the European Science Foundation (ESF) draw attention to the excellence of the many inter-disciplinary multinational research programmes it has funded. I have also produced case studies and white papers for various companies in technology and life sciences.