Philip Hunter - Internet and Communication Technologies

Mobility and IT

I cover IT and mobile services for journals such as Engineering & Technology magazine and through blogs and white papers for clients of the company WolfPack Communications, of which I am a shareholder. This embraces emerging cloud and virtualization technologies as well as Wi-Fi and heterogeneous networks on the mobile front.

The distinction between IT, communications and media has blurred, so that three of my four fields have converged a lot and I often now find myself dealing with two or all three for a given client or publication. Applications such as Telepresence embrace all three, as does the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the latest rather over hyped obsession of the communications and IT industries. The smart home is a subset of IoT and has become a specialist area of mine almost worthy of a section on its own.

I take commissions for white papers, case studies and technical documents in all these areas, especially mobility, IoT and the smart home.