Philip Hunter - Biography


Philip Hunter is a freelance science and technology writer. He specialises in life sciences, communications technology and emerging TV and video technologies. In these areas, Philip writes for leading journals and also internal articles commissioned by a variety of corporate clients.

In life sciences, Philip writes for both technical journals such as EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) Reports published by Nature, and general interest titles such as Prospect magazine. Recent articles include reports on the science of ageing, sleep, the link between mind, medicine and healing, and a look at the positive side of human impact on biodiversity.

In communications, Philip covers mobile networks and their convergence with the fixed Internet, as well as the next generation of web technologies (the so called Web 2.0). This has led him into the world of TV broadcasting and distribution, which is also converging with the Internet under the banner of IPTV. In this areas, he has written for a number of journals including Cable & Satellite International, and Euromedia.

Philip also provides writing consultancy services for companies and agencies wishing to improve their web site presence and promote their products and services more effectively. These are typically smaller companies, but also publicly funded bodies such as the European Science Foundation.

Philip read maths at Cambridge University