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Science and technology writer

I am a science and technology writer and journalist, with a wide range of clients in both areas. Most of my work relates to the life sciences and the delivery of digital entertainment. In the life sciences, traditional barriers between physics, chemistry and biology are being broken down to develop deeper understanding of fundamental life processes, with the promise of new therapies and improved diagnosis. There is also a growing societal and ethical dimension to major scientific themes, bringing a greater need than ever before for accurate and accessible communication to the public. I cover these issues for a number of popular and scientific journals, notably the Science and Society section of EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) Reports, published by Wiley-Blackwell.

In digital technology, barriers are also coming down, between the Internet, mobile communications, and television. I write about the fast changing world of digital entertainment for leading journals in that arena. I also help companies and agencies in both the science and technology sectors communicate their products, technologies and strategies via their web sites or hard copy publications.